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Who are the Ghost Producers? 

The Ghost Producers are two prominent international DJ's who want to raise awareness for the stripping of protections of the LGTBQ community by creating the catchiest (and possibly worst) dance song of all time. 

Like many prominent DJ's, they wish to remain faceless.  Also, in today's politically charged environment, they would prefer not to receive threats or other bat-shit crazy messages, so please respect their desire to remain anonymous.  

Do they hate Ron Desantis?  
The Ghost Producers don't hate anyone, but they do not agree with the "Don't Say Gay" bill that he signed into law, and want to see a change in the governor's office.  


Are the Ghost Producers gay?  

Ghosts have no sexual preference.


Who paid for this video?  

The Ghost Producers self-funded this as a way to promote equal rights for all, regardless of sexual preference or identity.  No PAC, SuperPAC, or any other political organization paid for the production of this video.  


Where can I download the song?

Because we know this might be the worst song of all time, we are not only giving away the song for free, we are giving others the ability to remix the song and make it even worse!  Enclosed is a link to download the original song, the extended version, and the acapella version of the song for you to remix!

(Free Downloads Link)


Why release this song now?  
We actually meant to release on National Coming Out Day, but we ran into some delays.  We are releasing this track, along with our $1000 Super Gay Challenge, to encourage young people to get out and vote in the midtern elections.  We support LGBTQ rights, as well as women's rights, and believe this is the most important election of our lifetime.  


Do the Ghost Producers grant media interviews?  
We do. We will answer all media requests that are emailed to us at 

Frequently Asked Questions

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