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Miami, FL -- October 24th, 2022 -- While social media has proven to be a powerful tool for getting young voters to the polls, there has never been a campaign quite like this one. The “Super Gay Challenge” created by an anonymous DJ duo named The Ghost Producers, combines AI deepfake technology with a $1000 TikTok challenge, and is the latest and perhaps most unique social media campaign to encourage young people to vote. 


The challenge takes aim at none other than the Florida governor, Ron DeSantis. “We wanted to raise awareness of DeSantis’s policies and how they affect the LGBTQ community,” one of the two producers, who goes by the moniker Casper Bloom, stated. “We believe DeSantis is the most anti-gay governor in the country,” Bloom further explained. 


The campaign kicks off with release of the duo’s new single, aptly entitled “Super Gay.” Using deepfake technology, the video features governor DeSantis singing along to what one producer calls “the worst dance song of all time.”


But the song is just part of the Super Gay Challenge. In addition, the campaign invites TikTokers to create their own music videos for “Super Gay” and promises cash prizes. The TikToker with the most views, along with the Ghost Producers favorite video, will each receive $500. 


The rules of the contest are straightforward. One must simply create a TikTok featuring the Super Gay single and tag #ImNotGayImSuperGay to be automatically entered into the contest. Those who want to enter the challenge can download the “Super Gay” single for free on the website


“I don’t believe anyone has ever created a social media campaign combining a terrible song, a cash prize, a singing governor, and tons of people making out,” says the second producer, who goes by the pseudonym Inky Bialystock. The Super Gay Challenge is a fun viral contest designed to get young voters to the polls and raise awareness of the DeSantis policies stripping the LGBTQ community of their rights.”


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Casper Bloom


"Super Gay" Music Video Encourages Floridians to Vote Out Gov. DeSantis

$1000 in cash prizes being offered to TikTokers to raise awareness for mid-term elections 

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